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Sep 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
machado makes a great defensive play, turning the double play to get the o's out of the inning. then a few innings later, the 20-year-old breaks a tie with his seventh home run of the year. that's where the score will stay. the o's win 4-3, tying them for the first place in the al east with the yankees. pete gilbert will have more on that later this morning. first george takes a look at the legend honored before the game that got o's fans everywhere on their feet. >> brooks and braun. number five was the sixth and final orioles icon to be a permanent fixture in legends pash at camden yards in 2012. the 75-year-old and 16-time gold gloefb winning third base man had been battling health issues this year, but on saturday night he looked good and felt great about the honor. >> i just want to say to all you fans here, i don't like to call you fans. i like to call you friends. >> later, the 1970 world series mvp hopped into a convertible and joined his fellow orioles legends for an on field speech that touched upon his humble baseball beginnings in baltimore right after high school. >> when
Sep 30, 2012 5:00am EDT
. that's in our medical alert. >>> is america too fat to fight? up next the department of defense weighs in on america's problem with obesity. >>> can eating chocolate make you smarter? better than -- fat and dumb maybe? a discovery that will make you feel better about snacking. i don't like to say fat. overweight. >> in this morning's medical alert, physical therapy can be a grueling process. doctors are using video games to get patients moving. they say it's a little more fun than traditional xer sigh and it's working. we have a closer look at virtual therapy. >> it's fun. lot of fun. >> linda colin is talking about the physical therapy for her knee replacement. >> 19 successes. good. >> the new high tech virtual therapy area allows patients to play video games while rehabbing. >> you're working on your balance. you're working on strengthening that leg. >> the fun is keeping patients compliant. >> this is one reason i come down. i do therapy. there you go. you gotta get that right knee nice and high. >> but this is no gimmick or game. it's actually working. >> truly they're having impr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2